While we have regular opportunities for our youth and teens to gather for special social and outreach events, at Banner of Truth Family Church, we believe students are able to understand, learn, and grow from our main message on Sunday morning as well as through hands-on involvement in the life of the church. We embrace the approach for students to hear the same message as the rest of our church family receives on Sunday morning. The CYT (Children-Youth-Teens) Future Leaders Program provides students the opportunity to be part of the mainstream congregation and also to serve and grow in ministry.

CYT Purpose: To insure involvement in the ministry of helps for every age group. To affirm the children and youth that they are a vital part of Banner of Truth International.

Ministry Function and Capacity: All children and young teens participating in this program serve in an assisting capacity. By serving along-side an adult Ministry of Helps team member, which is required for involvement, there are natural opportunities for mentorship and practical and spiritual development as well.

Requirements for Youth or Young Teens too old for Children's Church and under the age of 18:

Youth's parents, guardians, or adult they are attending with

  • are members in good standing of BOTI.
  • The same requirements as adults working in the Ministry of Helps.

Must have completed the following classes: 

  1. Foundations Class (Getting a Grip)
  2. Understanding Authority
  3. Getting a Grip on the Basics of Service
  • Must complete the application  process and be approved by their CYT Ministry of Helps Leader and their pastor.
  • Must have a background check (if obtainable) if working in the Nursery, Children’s Church, or book table upon legal parent/guardian approval. (If background check is unobtainable, then the application will be immediately forwarded to their pastor)

Recommended areas of Ministry and minimum age requirements (if applicable)

  • Children’s Church (must be 14 years and up)
  • Nursery (must be 14 years and up)
  • Security
  • Pulpit
  • Audio/Visual
  • Book Table
  • Cleaning Teams
  • Hospitality
  • Ushers & Greeters

Requirements for those in Children’s Church age (6 years - 12 years old):

  • Child's parents, guardians, or adult they are attending with are members in good standing of BOTI.
  • All children that are presently attending Banner of Truth Family Church's Children's Church Ministry are eligible to work in the CYT Ministry of Helps upon recommendation from the Children’s Church Ministry Director.
  • Must be recommended by their Children’s Church Leader & their CYT Ministry of Helps Leader (no exceptions).
  • Must be a regular Children’s Church attendee for a minimum of (1) one year.
  • All participants will be on a rotation system, so that every one that is qualified will have a chance to participate.

Recommended areas of Ministry:

  • Greeter or escorts to the Nursery.
  • Other areas as assigned by the CYT Ministry of Helps Leader.

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