Kingdom Kids Nursery (Newborn - 5 years old)

Our nursery ministry is God-focused by design. We believe God created all children with and incredible ability to learn. The Nursery Department of B.O.T.I. strives to develop our children in their walk with God through biblical teachings, songs, games, crafts, music, movement, and drama. The individuality of each child’s spiritual, social and emotional well being is embraced within a safe and loving learning environment. 

The Children’s ministry at BOTI is a safe and fun environment for the children to learn about God, play, and have a great time! Because safety is very important to us, each of our volunteers are carefully screened. This includes an extensive application as well as a background check. We want the children to learn about God and we have developed a unique age appropriate curriculum designed to teach Godly principles on a level that your child can understand. Fun is also a core value, and we have created a center-based environment that is loaded with all kinds of interesting toys and games to ensure that your child has a blast. 

Nursery  1  (Infant  -  Toddlers)
In the BOTI Nursery, our teachers are more than babysitters; they are ministers of the Gospel! Yes, even babies can be taught about Jesus! Scripture teaches  that we are body, soul, and spirit.  While these children are developing physically and mentally, they are also developing spiritually! For this reason we minister love, joy, and peace to the children while we talk about Jesus, God, and the church.

Nursery 2  (Preschool)
As children grow from the Nursery 1 class into this class, we begin to teach them simple Bible truths.  Storytelling is a big part of this class as we share Bible stories with the children.  Lessons are taught throughout the class through song, crafts, story time, and play.  All of our teachers are trained to help your child learn by creating a playful learning experience.  In this class,  we begin to teach the children about prayer. They are taught that they can talk to God anytime and He listens.  They learn  that the Bible is God’s true Word and we want the children to enjoy hearing the Word of God, and to know that Jesus is their friend!

We give full attention to all children in our care. Our Nursery leaders encourage and support the development of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Our Bible based curriculum enhances understanding through creative teaching in small groups allowing the concepts to be applied to the children’s everyday lives.

We extend a warm welcome to you and your children!

Sign In and Pick Up
The Nursery opens 30 minutes before services begin. We take the safety of your Children very seriously, so parents must sign their child in.  You will receive a  numbered tag once your child is signed in.  Please do not lose this tag, as you will need it to pick up your child at the end of the service. Children may only be picked up by the person with the numbered tag.
Call System
Should  your child need you, we will display your child’s tag number on the visual screen in the sanctuary or an usher may come to get you.  Please respond immediately to your child’s classroom with the numbered tag. Thank You.

Health Standards
It is our responsibility to keep a safe and healthy environment. Our teachers have been instructed not to accept any children who appear sick, are coughing or who have infectious rashes.

Food Allergies
Parents with children who have food allergies may provide a special snack for their child. All other foods will be provided.


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