“Foundations/Getting a Grip on the Basics” is a class that teaches the fundamentals of being a Christian, and we encourage EVERYONE to take this class.

  • If you are a brand new Christian, or if you have questions about the Bible, you should take this class.  The class time, homework, and interaction with other Christians will help to establish you in your faith and will help to answer questions you may have.
  • If you’ve never had a chance to be grounded in the fundamental, foundational truths of your faith, if you’ve never had the opportunity to be personally guided in the basics of God’s Word, then this class is for you.  Don’t allow spiritual pride to keep you from taking “Get A Grip”. You’ll find great stability in your Christian walk as you go back to square one and build your faith foundation.
  • If you are an older Christian, perhaps born-again and walking  with God for many years, you should take this class as well.  We have found that you can never be too old to get a refresher in the basics of our faith.  In fact, associating with new Christians brings a fresh appreciation of God’s Word in the heart of even the oldest believers!
  • In addition to church membership, the “Get A Grip” class is required for anyone desiring to serve in any area of ministry at BOTI.


  • We have seen people who take this class gain a greater understanding of God’s Word, and enjoy a renewed joy in their salvation!
  • Those who have a strong, biblical foundation tend to be more consistent, stable, balanced, and fruitful in their overall Christian life.
  • Believers who are established in what they believe and why they believe it are not easily tossed to and fro with every wind of doctrine. They are not pulled off course by an overemphasis on “pet” doctrine.
  • As Christians are established in the basics of God’s Word, their “roller coaster” experience seems to stabilize.
  • In addition, when the challenges of life come, those who have a solid foundation in God’s Word seem to weather the storms better, and in the end they come out  victorious!
  • You may attend this class for your own personal enrichment. There are no prerequisites, just attend and enjoy!

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The “Get A Grip” class is offered 4 times per year.  Each class runs for 12 weeks, and meets for  one hour on Sunday mornings.   
The cost to register is $15.00 and includes your materials.

For more information, contact our church office at 815-968-0026.


"Foundations has given me a healthy perspective on Jesus and what he did for all man-kind". C.J.

"I'm learning more about Life and God". A.P.

"I've learned that praying is powerful when you believe. I've gotten to know about Jesus Christ better." Anonymous


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