Because God loves people, He didn’t make being “saved” too difficult! Jesus did the hard part by taking our sins and dying on the cross. We have the easy part!

First Condition:
We confess Jesus as our Lord.

Second Condition:
We believe God raised Him from the dead. Then, we live according to our belief and confession!

So, where are you? Are you “saved”? Settle the question once and for all today. Be sure you are “saved”!
Why don’t you seal your salvation by doing both Part A and Part B? It’s as simple as saying something like this from your heart, out loud to the Lord:

“Dear God, I want to be saved, I want to go to heaven. I believe you raised Jesus from the dead and I now confess and call Jesus my Lord. Lord, I ask you to help me to know you better. In Jesus Name. Amen.”

To help you grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ, we encourage you to begin reading the Bible and let God speak to your heart. We also encourage you to begin praying, by simply talking to God from your heart.

Finally, we invite you to visit our church and/or to call 815-968-0026 and ask about other resources to help you grow in your faith.


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